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REBEL RED EDITION: Priscilla The Creeper

Uh-oh, Joey's fantatics! Due to supply chain issues, there's a shortage of organic habaneros. I could get non-organic peppers in a New York second, but I’m not gonna do that to my loyal Joey's fans. Thankfully, you won't have to go without your Joeys fix. Introducing Rebel Red, featuring organic fresno peppers! Because there's no OR in organic for me. Until we can get our hands on the good stuff, I'm makin' the sauce with the just as good stuff. Hot lives on! Rebel Red to the rescue!

Priscilla the Creeper is the foundation of all Joey's Hot Sauces. When Lisa and I tried this sauce for the first time, the heat creaped up on us! In a British voice I heard myself say the name "Priscilla the Creeper." Everyone kept saying that name. Our mentor's son, Atlas, loved it! Lisa's dad loved it. The world was falling in love with Priscilla. Invite her to all your meals - she'll creep up on you in the best way.

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