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Hot Honey Collab With Ollie's Brooklyn Slices

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We are SO excited to introduce this hot honey collaboration with Ollie's Brooklyn Slices! 

My friend and Pastor Xavier from The Story church mentioned that his friends have a pizza spot nearby that makes THE BEST Brooklyn style pizza so I had to meet them. I stopped by with my hot honey, we tasted it together on their pizza and were blown away! We decided right there to collaborate on a special HOT HONEY for their pizza joint Ollie’s Brooklyn Slices.

Meet Eric and Mike, adventurous skateboarding brothers hailing from the serene landscapes of Southern Oregon. These guys took their passion for skateboarding and combined it with their love for the authentic New York pizza experience. Immersing themselves in the vibrant pizza culture of NYC, they studied the craft and brought back the secrets to their hometown. They are dedicated to the traditional methods they learned in NYC – thin, foldable crust, rich tomato sauce & high-quality cheese (yum). Eric and Mike have created a haven for pizza lovers in the Pacific Northwest.

I lived the majority of my life in New Jersey/New York where my parents and familia immigrated from the southern part of Italy. When I took a bite at Ollie’s it brought me back home with Beastie Boys playing in the background. These guys nailed it. I hope you enjoy our collaboration!

Size: 8oz bottle

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