Joeys Hot Sauce


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SUPER limited run collab sauce with The Butcher Shop. With a heat level similar to Pricilla The Creeper but with the unique sweetness of Jimmy Nardello peppers!

When I spotted The Butcher Shop while driving through Eagle Point, Oregon, I had to pull over and see what was going on there—the place was packed! The owners, Brian & Stacy were born & raised right here in Southern Oregon. They are dedicated to always delivering the highest quality products, providing the freshest locally herded beef, heritage pork, chicken raised right, exotic meats & delicious seafood along with great customer service. I love their motto: stay a cut above & live your best local life with us.

I was vegetarian for a long time and when I started to eat meat again and educate myself it became painfully clear that eating locally grown meats, that are raised sustainably, is the best for your health and the planet. It’s important to know where your food comes from and that the source is clean! I am grateful The Butcher Shop exists for this reason, and I created this special collab sauce to be magnificently paired with their meats. This sauce has the perfect balance of flavors with rich cherry bombs, heat from habaneros, and the incredible sweetness of southern Italian Jimmy Nardello peppers. It’s perfect for ground beef, or to marinate right on top of your steak—you just can’t go wrong with this one!

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