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Mildish Bambino

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Hi I'm Joey!

I made this organic hot sauce for love of my life Lisa. When Lisa and I got together, having a baby wasn't in our plans but after seven years of the most incredible relationship we'd both ever had, a strong desire to be parents came up for us. So we started trying and although we had lots of fun trying to conceive (if you know what I mean😉) it was starting to look like we weren't going to be able to have a baby.

We had been trying for almost three years and Lisa had a miscarriage in the process, which was very hard on us. Our hearts go out to anyone who has experienced this. We had given up and were considering adoption when all of the sudden we were blessed with our baby boy Luca Angelico Repice. He is the love of our life and he has opened up my heart in ways I never will understand. He's our little chili pepper. This bottle is for you Luca, my first mild sauce The Mildish Bambino.

We hope you all enjoy!

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