Joey's Hot Sauce


Subscription Pack Benefits

  • Never run out of Joeys!
  • Free shipping
  • 15% off

What’s Inside

  • Priscilla the Creeper
  • Priscilla the Creeper
  • 50/50

She’s quiet, unsuspecting, and sneaky. She’s Priscilla, and she wants to be invited to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once you let Priscilla in your house, you won’t want her to leave, so this box includes two bottles of Priscilla the Creeper. 

And we’re adding in a bottle of our 50/50 sauce because let’s be honest, some days it’s hard to make adult decisions- like how much spice you want to add. This sauce let’s you drip, drizzle, or pour your way to the perfect flavor, responsibly. Never run out of Joeys and enjoy free shipping with this trusty pack.

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