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Joey’s Select Scotch Bonnets – Priscilla the Creeper

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Joey’s Selects Scotch Bonnets is a limited run micro batch made with 100% local peppers—including Scotch Bonnets—that were organically grown at Fry Family Farm, where our hot sauce kitchen is! This is an exclusive batch with limited supply until next season. This micro batch of our Priscilla the Creeper with Scotch Bonnets is made with peppers so fresh and bright it not only creeps, it sings!

More about Priscilla: Priscilla the Creeper is the foundation of all Joey's Hot Sauces. When Lisa and I tried this sauce for the first time, the heat creeped up on us! In a British voice I heard myself say the name "Priscilla the Creeper." Everyone kept saying that name. Our mentor's son, Atlas, loved it! Lisa's dad loved it. The world was falling in love with Priscilla. Invite her to all your meals - she'll creep up on you in the best way.

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